Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tate Reunion July 2011

This year for the Tate annual Reunion we went to St. George! It was hot, being mid-July, but we always find ways to cool down. We started the trip by heading up to Quail Creek Lake. This is always a huge hit! The kids love playing in the water and building sand castles in the sand! I guess Grandpa Tate's "molecule" got stolen the previous week at girls camp in Bear Lake. So sad! He replaced it with the "radar".

As usual...I couldn't get enough skiing in. Sure, I can wakeboard, but I stick to good old skiing. I skiied so hard the first day I could barley ski again on Thursday.

Grandpa and Grandma Tate are just amazing. I won't divulge their ages...most of you already know...but Grandpa is doing amazing at the "air chair", they both love whipping grandkids on the "radar", swimming, driving boats, hiking, etc. I hope that I can be as energetic, outgoing and in such great shape as them when I get older. What amazing examples they are!


Grandpa Tate doing the Air Chair

Grandma Tate

Granpa Tate and Sydney

Jonathan and Sydney

It averaged 104-105 degrees every day we were in St. George! To cool off we swam in the lake, went swimming at the club house and headed to the movies!




Grandma Tate with Browning Kids

Rachel and Sydney

We found a great hike in Ivins. There we hiked a 3.5 mile hike, finding every shortcut possible to shorten it for the kids. Sydney is only 6 and it was too hot at 10am. At the end we found some cool petroglyphs and rock formations. I think the hike would have been much better in the spring and fall when it is cooler. The kids were troopers and did a great job. At the top there is also fun paths to get down into the rocks.

Grandma and Grandpa Tate with Brownings

Eagle and Dinosaur rock formations

Ivins Petroglyphs

Grandma Tate with Petroglyphs

There is no greater thing than spending time with family! It is not easy to get away with Jonathan being Bishop, but it is amazing when we do! I love being able to leave everything at home, ie: work, callings, phones, internet, video games, and just be together. It is what life is all about!

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