Sunday, July 11, 2010

Deseret News Article on Families of Missing Persons

This morning a wonderful article on Families of Missing Persons came out. Here is the link: DN-Shattered This article includes the feelings and experiences of several families with missing siblings, children and spouses from Utah. My Mom's family included due to the disappearance of Reed, her brother, at age 15 over 45 years ago. I will never fully understand their grief, confusion or what-ifs. Over the years my mom and her siblings have shared stories of how much fun their brother was and how much they love him. Obviously I never knew Reed, but I know that myself along with many other of his "nieces and nephews" feel a connection to him because of the stories and family bond. We, as well as his siblings, wonder if he were alive today what his profession would be, if he would have kids and grandkids our ages. I am amazed and have learned from his 10 living siblings the importance of families loving and supporting one another no matter what. We can use our trials and tribulations in this life to form stronger bonds with family, friends,and our Father in Heaven. I hope and pray that the information in this article will touch peoples hearts, help them understand how these families feel and know how to help them.