Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thanksgiving in St. George with the Tates!

After California, Dad dropped Mom and the kids off at Grandpa and Grandma Tates home in St. George for a few days until he could come back after working for 3 days. Grandpa drove down to meet me so I wouldn't be without a car! Dad, you are the best! I think he enjoyed it because he went golfing each day with his buddy Brent West! We went to the Sand Dunes, Zions, the park and fed the ducks...or should I say the gold fish boil. The rest of the Tate clan, except Anna's family, came down to celebrate Thanksgiving! We loved having "Bolt obstacle courses", swimming, bowling (except when mom tore another tenden in her ankle while bowling for Tater), eating at Chuck-A-Rama so no one would have to clean up the mess and just being together! Mom and Dad are so kind to always open up their St. George home to us all so we can get away! Rachel, Jamie and Sarah had interesting experiences shopping the morning of Black Friday! We will always remember Jamie browsing and Sarah faceplanting!!! Got to love the Black Friday experiences! At least we all got amazing deals on what we wanted!

Family in California

It was so great to see and spend time with family in California. Uncle Gary and Aunt Sue talked us into cancelling our hotel by Sea World and opened their home to us! Our children love them to death and couldn't get enough of Buster! They miss you all so much! Uncle Chuck had us all over for lunch...even with Aunt Kathy out of town... and we loved catching up with him and all his kids! They have grown up so much! They gave us many ideas and game plans for Disneyland! Aunt Dar (not in photo which makes us sad) had us over for dessert and our kids were able to play with Rachels kids. We can't believe how they have grown also! We had many laughs and were able to catch up! Uncle Matt and Aunt Lucretia came over to Uncle Gary's and we chatted, laughed and went down memory lane. We love you all and are very grateful for your hospitality! Hopefully it won't be another 8 years before we come again!!!

California Vacation

What an amazing trip we had in California! We were able to go to Sea World, Disneyland, The Barbeque Pit, Coronado, Point Loma, Sea Port Village, El Indios, etc! It was great bonding time for all of us! We werer even able to meet up with Grandpa Browning and all the boys wen to the Utah vs. Sandiego State game in Charger Stadium! In Disneyland Sydney wore a different princess dress each day! She and I even had a princess lunch! Everyone was calling her "Your Majesty" and bowing to her! She was in absolute heaven! Hunter snuck his Indiana Jones costume into his suitcase!!!!! He bought a real Indiana Jones hat and wore his costume 2 days in Disneyland. Everywhere we went people called him "Dr. Jones" or "Indiana". We all loved the rides! We even were able to get Sydney onto Space Mountain twice!!!! We had no lines and perfect weather! McKays favorite rides were: Space Mountain, California Screaming, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, Tower of Terror, Soaring and Pirates of the Caribbean. He was so much fun because he was able to go on each ride and couldn't wait for the next one! Thanks to Kid Swap we all had fun! Hunters favorite rides were: Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, Pirates of the Caribbean, Soaring and Space Mountain. The Indiana Jones ride was his absolute favorite. At the beginning of the ride when they tell you not to look into the forbidden eye he closed his eyes tight and then covered them with his hands! He is truely Indy! He was also chosen for Jedi Training! It was awesome to watch him battle Darth Maul! Sydneys favorite rides were: Alice in Wonderland, Teacups, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster and Haunted Mansions Nightmare Before Christmas. She was a princess and loving the whole experience! She kept asking when she could go on a princess ride. Maybe they need to create one for all the cute little girls. Mom and Dad were grateful for snacks in backpacks, Kid Swap, early entrys, potty trained kids, good weather and no lines! Our kids were able to go on basically every ride which made it fun for us!