Monday, July 20, 2009

Bear Lake with the Tates

Last week we had the opportunity to spend 4 days in Bear Lake with the Tates! It was amazing! It was nice to escape the heat here in the valley and be in cooler weather. Even the cold water was great...when you got use to it (64-66 degrees). One of the kids favorite activities in Bear Lake is to minature golf each day! McKay even got a hole in one on the last hole and won a free game.

Yes! Hunter was very into the mini-golf!
Another favorite activity was Uncle Chris Ames bottle rockets. The kids all spent hour after hour filling up 2 liter bottles 1/3 full and hooking them up to the pipes. Then they would pump and pump air into them and watch them blast off into the sky! We definatly need one of them at home!

A fun tradition at Bear Lake is to go to Bear Lake Pizza Company! We ordered the biggest pizza they had! We were able to feed everyone there that day with it! After eating all the boys were lined up at the bathroom. I have never seen a line at the boys bathroom like that!!!

My favorite is just being on the boat and doing water sports!

Here are some fun ones of the kids on the boat and doing fun stuff!

Yes! McKay wakeboarded for the first time! Thank you Uncle Steve and Sam for getting him to do it! Hey, if you can snowboard, ripstick and skateboard...why not wakeboard! Another fun thing we do boating with Grandma and Grandpa Tate is doing the molecule! It is three giant balls with a flat surface inbetween! Grandpa makes "s-turns" which create huge waves, then whips you out of the wake into the waves. You definately go flying!!! I flew so high this trip that it looked like I was doing a handstand on the molecule! Uncle Chris discovered how to actually tip the molecule this year! McKay loved doing it!

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for such a fun and memorable trip! We love you so much!