Monday, June 29, 2009

Manti with the Brownings

Last weekend we headed down to Manti for the annual pageant! It was so amazing, cold, late and a blast. We stopped at the tabernacle for the turkey dinner. Here is a fun photo out front.

We waited a few hours before the show began and the actors had fun wandering around meeting everyone. The kids loved running around and seeing all the fun costumes.

What a wonderful experience and fun memory to have with the Hakansons and Grandma and Grandpa Browning! We love you guys!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally...The Yard Is Coming Together! have seen the pictures of the house before we moved in. The yard was totally dead and had thousands of weeds! We have been spending so much time turning dirt, having a bobcat tear out the dead grass and weeds and using a fortunes worth of round up! Most of the weeds that were in the front had roots that went 6 feet deep! Crazy! My trigger finger really got tired from the round up. is a picture of the "almost" finished front yard.

I really don't know much about what to plant where so we hired the lady who desined our last yard again. Rachel Garvis from Glover Nursary is great! Of course we bought all the plants very small, but in the next couple of years it will look amazing. We still have about 11 plants and a few trees to plant. I have had a few people ask for a peak of what we have already done...Here it is! Here are a couple angled views.

Here is the view of the other side.

We still have a Japanese Maple to plant in the back corner by the front door.

It is coming along great and we are so excited to not be looking at dirt all the time. The back yard is going to have to wait until next spring. We will have to remove a bunch of dirt- get rid of the terraced level in the middle of the yard which makes it hard to run around and play. All in good time.

Well, you asked for it and there it is!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tate Family Reunion

Last weekend we had a Tate family reunion! It has been years since we have seen some of our cousins! We had a great time chatting, eating and watching Sarah and Steve do amazing tricks off the diving board! We are sure sorry that some were unable to make it! You were missed! All the kids had a great time in the pool! Take a look at these kids and how they are growning up.

So, here is an amazing picture of our little Sydney! She has sure taken off with swimming this year. She loved her swimming lessons and now thinks she can do about anything in the pool. Out of the blue she decided to dive...look at this great swan dive!

Talk about great form! Go Girl! She sure takes after her Grandma Tate and her swan dives! My boys also love trying to do tricks off the board. Here are some of the boys.

McKay was just taking off, but I love his face expression. Hunter was mid air of a flip. Great form son!
We had this reunion on my Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! You are one of the most amazing people I know. I admire your hard work and dedication to all you do. You are constantly loving and serving those around you...especially your children and grandchildren. I don't know how you have the strength to do it! You are constantly watching grandchildren, keeping updated with your kids and making each and every one of us feel like the most important person in the world! You have the qualities that I desire to better incorporate into my life. I remember growing up that I always knew I could talk to you about anything...we would plant or go on walks and just talk about life and what was going on. I miss having that time with you! I am grateful for the relationship we have to this day! You are the greatest mom! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hunters Grandparents Day and Program

A little over a month ago Hunter had a Grandparents Day Program! It was amazing and he was so excited. The morning of the program he woke up extra early and put on his cute suit and was ready before 7am. He had worked so hard for a few months! Hunter loves all his grandparents so much and is grateful to have them in our lives. As one of the prophets said...Besides parents, grandparents are the biggest influence on a child. At the program he showed pictures of his grandparents, sang songs, told stories and danced the waltz with his grandmas!

Naughty Kids!

What a fun way to teach the kids to be good!!!jk

St. George and Days of Camelot

With how crazy things have been with the house and sick kids while off track we decided to head down to St. George for Memorial Day! It was a much needed get away! We had a blast watching joust tournaments at the Days of Camelot, swimming, playing, eating out and swimming again. It is also fun feeding the gold fish and creating a boil! Amazing weather!

Sydneys Preschool Graduation

Sydney has finished another year of preschool!
She is growing so fast and loving every minute of it! She really enjoyed going to school with her cousin James Hakanson. They are such good buddies! Now that this year with Miss Tiffanie is over she can't wait for her "new" preschool to start.