Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jon Schmidt's Taylor Swift & Coldplay song

LOVE STORY MEETS VIVA LA VIDA You all need to hear this amazing song! Our friend Jon Schmidt played the piano at our wedding reception and e-mailed this to us! Our cute 4 year old daughter loves Taylor Swift's song Love Story so of course we love this! Just pause our music below on the right and listen to Jon! Enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our New Home

So, people have been asking about our new home here in South Jordan, Utah. It is just North of the District shopping center and we have a great view of the Daybreak temple in the back yard. Here is the picture of it from the mls. As you can tell....the yard is absolutely DEAD! It was bank owned by Fannie Mae. It was built in 2006 and lived in less than a year. The people who lived in it before lost it due to security fraud of some kind. You should see the security in the home. We are excited to beautify the yard. I love planting and taking care of the flower beds. Hopefully we can have the front yard done within a few weeks. We knew we were living on top of eachother in our old home, but really had no idea of how much so. We are loving the space and the ability to be by ourselves if desired. Because the basement is unfinished the kids love riding their scooters and the plasma bike down there. They could spend hours playing and laughing. We are getting to know a few neighbors. They are all so kind and friendly. I think they are all excited to have longterm neighbors and not to have police with guns drawn coming to the house next door. Yes....we are having our locks changed. Thanks to all that helped us move twice in less than a week! We appreciated all your time and muscles! We will update our home photo when we beautify the yard!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Congratulations Dad

I am so excited for my dad's new church calling. Saturday afternoon's session of conference his family and the rest of the world found out that the Lord has called Warren G. Tate as a new Area Seventy in the Fifth Quorum for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What an amazing and humbling opportunity for him and my mom. We are so grateful and lucky that we get to keep him here in the Salt Lake Valley. My Dad always strives to live a life that our Father in Heaven would be proud of. He is a great example of service, humility, loyalty, hard work, dedication, love, honesty, and faith. My mom, Suzanne, is an amazing wife and mother. She has always loved, encouraged and supported my dad and her children in all they do. I know that Heavenly Father has put a great trust and responsibility on my fathers shoulders, but who the Lord calls he qualifies. I look over the years and can see how he has been prepared for this calling. I have a great love and respect for you Mom and Dad and hope that I can raise my children to be like you. Thank you for loving the Lord and the Gospel! You are setting an amazing example for all around you! I love you Mom and Dad!