Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Search Of Answers

On October 11, 1964 my mom's little brother, Reed Jeppson, went out to feed his 2 dogs and was never seen again. He was only 15 years old. For the Jeppson family the past 45 1/2 years have been difficult because they have no idea what happened to Reed. Today is National Missing Persons Day and the police have reopened Reed Jeppsons case and taken DNA samples from immediate siblings. These DNA samples are being entered into two different missing persons databases to identify any potential remains. This enhanced image of Reed was created through various family photos, including his own and immediate relatives. The results of such age progression enhancement has been between 90%-95% accurate in other cases. Our family does not think Reed is alive...they want answers and to have his remains found to help give them closure. Click the following for the story. KSL, CONNECT 2 UTAH, SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, DESERET NEWS, ABC NEWS, CNN- ANDERSON COOPER, SLCPD on YouTube, SLCPD, USA TODAY, 5/28/10 DESERET NEWS