Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Picture

I haven't had the chance to add the photo that we took as a whole family. I am having it printed and then am using PoppySeed Projects to finish them. I will post it when I am finished. Here is a sample of the picture.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Photos

Jontathan and I have been busy attending wedding receptions! We have been to four in four weeks! One we attended was the Daughter of a teacher that works with Jonathan. At the wedding they had a photo booth where all those that attended had their pictures taken. Then, while waiting in line, we attached them to a scrapbook page and wrote a message to the couple. Fun idea and great way for the couple to remember who attended their reception. Here are the photos Jonathan and I took.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Deseret News Article on Families of Missing Persons

This morning a wonderful article on Families of Missing Persons came out. Here is the link: DN-Shattered This article includes the feelings and experiences of several families with missing siblings, children and spouses from Utah. My Mom's family included due to the disappearance of Reed, her brother, at age 15 over 45 years ago. I will never fully understand their grief, confusion or what-ifs. Over the years my mom and her siblings have shared stories of how much fun their brother was and how much they love him. Obviously I never knew Reed, but I know that myself along with many other of his "nieces and nephews" feel a connection to him because of the stories and family bond. We, as well as his siblings, wonder if he were alive today what his profession would be, if he would have kids and grandkids our ages. I am amazed and have learned from his 10 living siblings the importance of families loving and supporting one another no matter what. We can use our trials and tribulations in this life to form stronger bonds with family, friends,and our Father in Heaven. I hope and pray that the information in this article will touch peoples hearts, help them understand how these families feel and know how to help them.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Search Of Answers

On October 11, 1964 my mom's little brother, Reed Jeppson, went out to feed his 2 dogs and was never seen again. He was only 15 years old. For the Jeppson family the past 45 1/2 years have been difficult because they have no idea what happened to Reed. Today is National Missing Persons Day and the police have reopened Reed Jeppsons case and taken DNA samples from immediate siblings. These DNA samples are being entered into two different missing persons databases to identify any potential remains. This enhanced image of Reed was created through various family photos, including his own and immediate relatives. The results of such age progression enhancement has been between 90%-95% accurate in other cases. Our family does not think Reed is alive...they want answers and to have his remains found to help give them closure. Click the following for the story. KSL, CONNECT 2 UTAH, SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, DESERET NEWS, ABC NEWS, CNN- ANDERSON COOPER, SLCPD on YouTube, SLCPD, USA TODAY, 5/28/10 DESERET NEWS

Monday, March 15, 2010

Craziness of Life

Don't you all agree that at times life just gets too crazy?!?! I feel horrible that I have not blogged for such a long time! Hopefully this week I can. I need to updats Sydney's 5th birthday, McKay getting his Arrow of Light Scouting award, having the cute Hakanson Kids over for 8 days and off-track time! Hopefully I will even find a good new recipe to share! Check back soon!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

McKay's Wax Museum

Mckay is loving 5th grade and he has a very creative teacher. Ms. Simi has a theater and Navy background. Their latest project was to create a Wax Museum in their classroom. They had been studying the Revolutionary War and were each an important figure from the era. McKay chose John Adams. A great deal of research was done and a great project was put together. He (and Mom) learned about the Treaty of Paris which helped end the war between the British and American, John Adams role in getting the Declaration of Independence signed, and his other contributions. The students all dressed up and froze at their desks until a button was pushed. They would then come "alive" and give a brief history of their character. This photo is of McKay and his friends (Jackson M., Jackson W. and Tyler P.).

Winter Fun

The Browning Clan has had a blast in the snow! One big storm we built a snowman. Hunter called it Pekachu, McKay called it Mr. Freeze and Sydney called it Mr Snowman. With the snow melting we have found our snowman without his head and Sydney gets very worried about it! We had fun throwing snowballs afterwards.

A few weeks ago we headed sledding with Jonathan's sisters family. We love spending time with the Hakansons! The kids went off jumps, snow boarded, and sledded on sleds as well as their bellies! Even Josh had fun! We sure missed Uncle Joel Fuessel this year! We missed having contests on who could sled the furthest while not receiving a "foul".
Here is Hunter! He loves this "sled/board". I love his face expression...pure joy!

Sydney loves this little green sled! It is just her size and she always gets on it the same way...knees and elbows. Once she ends her ride she climbs up the hill and quickly gets on again!

McKay is into learning to snowboard. He is having a blast and doing some turns.

We can't wait until we get another good storm to hit the runs again!


A few days before christmas we headed to see the lights at Temple Square! It is always so amazing and beautiful. The kids were so cute and couldn't believe how many lights there were. We always enjoy the many nativities...especially the ones from around the world.

Christmas Eve we headed to celebrate with all the Tate clan. Jonathan prepared a ham that was a huge hit! He took the bone out, seasoned and carved it. It tasted AMAZING! Thankyou Grandpa Browning for the recipe and teaching your boys the family gift of cooking a great ham! Next, we had our traditional talent show. Talents ranged from gymnastics, guitar, singing, piano and dancing! so much fun!

Here is a cute picture of Sydney playing with her Grandpa Tate!

The kids always love acting out the Nativity! They get decked out with crowns, staffs, robes, etc. Cousin Haylee was even a tree for the play. McKay and Hunter had fun being shephards and Sydney was her traditional Angel. After the fun they had a dance party in the costumes. It is amazing that we had 17 kids participate this year! Next year the triplets will join in on the fun!

Christmas morning was fun as usual! At least the kids did't get up before 6:30am. We were actually able to get them all into our room with out seeing what "Santa" brought.

Jonathan distributed the gifts to the kids as he does each year...wearing his Santa hat. He was also excited to get an ipod for christmas...which he upgraded to the itouch. Got to love the face here!

McKay was extreemly excited that he received the air soft gun and pogo stick he requested. We love our "special" child with his shatterproof goggles! He and Jonathan have a blast shooting at a sprite bottle in the basement.

Hunter is so into legos and received a few sets that he put together in two days!

Sydney is so funny! She asked for princess dolls (she never plays with them so she didn't get them), horses (not the princess ones) and a Nintendo DS. Just before christmas she changed her mind to everything crafty! Thank goodness her birthday is a month after christmas so she can get the crafts!

That morning Grandma and Grandpa Browning came over and saw all the kids got. They were so kind to give our family a telescope! We can't wait to use it. We also had the opportunity to head to the Hakansons (Jonathan's sister) and spend some great time with family!

Basketball Season

I am so far behind on my blogging!!! The holidays come around and life becomes so busy! So great that the kids are back in school and on a schedule. The boys are having so much fun with basketball this year. Jonathan is helping coach McKays team. It is so nice having McKay drive to practices with his Dad (I don't have to drive) and they get some good time together. McKay has a few buddies on his team...Caston Dastrup, Jackson Wright and Nate Davis (his Dad is the coach). He is aggressive and very good at guarding his man. His coach calls him "The Blanket" because he covers his guy.

Hunter is also loving basketball. He has a few friends on his team...Jacob Larsen and two other boys from his school class. He has a great time and is learning the game!