Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sydney lost her 1st tooth!

While we were in St. George for the Tate family reunion in July, Sydney lost her first tooth! Sydney and Hunter both had a loose tooth with the new tooth growing in behind it. Crazy! Both were afraid to wiggle and pull the loose one out. I understand it is a little scarey, but the new one was almost as tall as the loose one. One night Sydney was brushing her teeth and her first tooth came out while brushing! Yeah! Hunter, whose tooth had been loose over a year, went up to Jonathan and said, "Dad, just pull it out!" He was determined to get his out since Sydney got hers out! Great motivation! He took some deep calming breaths and Jonathan yanked it out. FINALLY! Now, if I can get them both to get their other very wiggily teeth out!


  1. That is a funny coincidence! Now his other tooth is doing the same thing! And the baby tooth is hardly loose...gotta love it!

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